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Top Stag Do Theme Ideas


You’ve got your activities & accommodation all sorted for the stag weekend …but you haven’t got a theme for your stag night yet. To make this stag night one to remember it’s always good fun to dress up and have a theme. The advantage of dressing up is not only having some embarrassing funny photos of the lads but also you’ll find your mates easily in large clubs.

Before you decide on your theme it’s a good idea to check with the pubs/clubs you intend to visit and check they don’t mind the hysterical dress code. We’ve listed below some of the funniest stag themes and where to find the costumes at the best prices.

Superhero theme

Or maybe supervillain? Pick a side and pick a costume, there’s so many to choose from, whether it’s classics and childhood heroes such as Batman or Superman, more modern heroes like Mr. Incredible and Radioactive Man or a made-up superhero like Captain 6 Pack, you’ll be certain to look the part when you come to the aid of any damsel in distress.

Alternatively, if you’d rather be an evil do-er you have plenty of options as well, but with Heath Ledger’s fantastic performance in The Dark Knight, everyone’s going to want to dress up as the The Joker anyway.

Gladiator Fighter to the Death Adult Costume

One of the greatest films ever made, so it’s not surprising this is a popular theme among stags. Dress as a barbarian warrior, gladiator, Hercules or a Spartan which is sure to attract some Roman Empresses. Just make sure you’ve got those zero pack beer bellies on show!


Iced Pimp Ensemble Gold Adult CostumePimp out your stag night with some very cheesy outfits. We’ve all seen those cheesy 70’s cop shows which usually had a dodgy looking pimp. These outfits will bring the group close together and make it one to remember while busting a groove on the dance floor! There are a few levels of pimp extravagance to choose from: bling on a budget, mid-level player and iced-out playa!


Mexican Serape Adult CostumeAh bandido! If you’re all going to dress as Mexicans then you have to do it proper! Wear the poncho, sombrero, curly moustache, hold a big fat cigar and speak like Mexicans shouting “Underlay! Underlay!” while waiting in the queue for the nightclub. Just be careful if you want the little toy guns as well, the Police may not see the funny side and it could cause problems!

Star Wars

Star Wars Episode 3 Darth Vader Adult Costume KitIf you’re a Star Wars geek then this is the theme for you! There’s nothing funnier than 20 lads dressed as clone troopers doing the robot dance in the night club.

The only problem though is deciding who will go over to the Dark Side and become Darth Vader. If you’re still feeling uninspired, then why not browse the range of costumes at They offer speedy delivery to the UK and with the exchange rate in our favour at the moment, if you all go in on the shipping, you could really get a bargain.

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