Things You Should Never Say on a First Date

This is a hard topic, because every situation is different, but I figure I can give some solid tips on stuff that I have learned from dates that went no where.


The biggest piece of advice you find everywhere is “be yourself”. Give me a break! What kind of advice is that? First of all why would you want to be someone else and second of all being yourself isn’t going to get you anywhere 7 out of 10 times unless you are a “natural” in which you wouldn’t be reading this article.

So a real piece of advice is specific.

Don’t talk too much.

– I have made this mistake one too many times, because I feel like the conversation will just stall if I don’t keep on talking. Ask them an interesting and engaging question and be a good listener and comment when necessary. For example, “So, what do you think of Britney Spears, lately?” Everyone has something to say about that yet it is light conversation that will just be fun.

Don’t talk about normal things

– Do you really care about their family right now? You just met them. Don’t ask them what’s their major and if they like it. Of course they like their major or else they wouldn’t be in it. Rather, ask them what they want to do with their major. This first of indirectly ask them what their major is and it engages them to talk about what they are passionate about.

Don’t ever get too serious.

– Take your time together as a fun and light hearted event. Don’t ever get into a conversation where you have express a strong opinion where you might have to defend yourself. If they get serious, make fun of them for going serious. They will chuckle and move away from the seriousness.

Don’t pay for their stuff

– This advice is really just for guys, but it is important. It is important to come across as the guy who is there to possibly meet a great girl, but you don’t really care if it goes bad. So don’t go paying for things on the first date, because it just appears that you are trying to buy her enjoyment. If she really likes you, it makes no difference. For a girl, Meeting a great guy is so much more important than whether or not he paid for your lunch. If you marry the person, it will be the best lunch you never paid for! So don’t pay for anything, unless you want to waste your money!

Don’t be negative about anything

– If you haven’t figured this out in life, negativity is very unattractive, I should know since I have been known to be negative sometimes. If they ask you about something that you don’t like, just tell them that you don’t really care for it and move on. Don’t go on a negative rampage! Attraction drops exponentially with negativity, so whatever you do don’t ever talk about how much you don’t like something.

Well, these are a few that I have found to be very important, but this is by no means a complete list, so if you have some more ideas, please feel free to comment.

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