Things To Do For Entertainment in Beijing

The Beijing Olympics is just one day away and I don’t think China or the world is ready for what’s about to happen.

Think about it. Thousands of journalists are descending upon China. Tens of thousands of activists, dissenters, and people who are generally dissatisfied with the Chinese government are going to seek out these journalists in an effort to get their voice heard. Many of these journalists will be more than happy to oblige.

Some stories will make it out. They’ll share with the world the repression and lack of freedom in China. Some stories won’t make it past the Chinese government, but that will only lead to journalists’ personal stories about repression and a lack of freedom.

Either way, a flood of anti-China news is going to emerge from Beijing. The Chinese government only knows one way to deal with it. More censorship. The increased censorship will lead to even more anti-China pieces. This vicious cycle will build to a boiling point.

The Joey Cheek fiasco is only the beginning. This was a situation that never should have even made it into a newspaper. There was no reason for China to revoke his visa. Let him into the country and allow him to talk to a few athletes about Darfur. There’s no real harm in that. But that was too much for China. They couldn’t even allow one high profile man associated with Darfur into the country. Now they’re faced with a PR mess that will probably end up with Cheek getting his Visa restored.

The Cheek situation was a no-brainer. If China can’t even let a gold-medal winning humanitarian from America into the country, how are they going to deal with the thousands of protesters who will appear at the games. It’s gonna be baaaaad. And it’s going to get a whole lot worse before it gets better. I hope Bob Costas remembers to bring his Olympic crisis hat.

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