My Mental Kind Of Entertainment.

I’ve heard that we receive all our human ideas from the outer space. It’s believed that there are special informational fields in the universe which can be perceived by our brains from time to time. So according to this theory human receive new ideas exactly from these fields. Perhaps you know that perfect ides visit us quite suddenly when we don’t wait for them. It’s similar to a thunderstruck. So ideas keep on flying around us and they want to dive right into our minds from the height above. You are a lucky guy if brilliant ideas visit your head very often. Perhaps you can’t understand what the main idea of our conversation. The topic is entertainment but as you can see I’m talking about a very specific kind of entertainment at this moment. So I mean different puzzles and mental games when we have to work with our brains. Of course some people can’t agree that any kind of mental activity can entertain people. But I don’t care about this point of view at all. I really like solving different puzzles and this mental activity entertains me more than anything in the world.

I’m sure that I can’t be the only one person in the world who likes to be entertained in such a way. When I use my brain at its full capacity I feel that I live and it’s a great joy I should say. I remember that in my childhood I was thrilled a lot by reading books about adventures and various mysterious places of the world such as pyramids of Aztecs and so on. These books made me use the whole power of my imagination. To my great regret children have almost lost an inclination to read books and in most cases they prefer playing computer games. It’s very bad from my point of view because in such a way they lower the real potential of their imagination. To my mind reading books is much better in this case.

By the way I’m fond of collecting various books with puzzles. I’ve managed to collect more then three thousand ones. You can pay a visit to me if you wish and I’ll show you all this stuff. Of course besides collecting these puzzles I do my best to solve all of them in my free time. Most of all I like those puzzles which require a certain background in Mathematics. I’m fond of calculating very much. I also do my best to teach my children to get pleasure of using their intelligence. And I’m happy that they also like this kind of entertainment. I really hope that very soon I’ll be able to publish my own puzzles on the net. I’m sure that you’ll be excited by them.

Films are an unalienable part of our everyday life and culture. Up to date there has been produced a great quantity of movies and it led to movie reviews. It is not a secret that many of famous films are inspirations for student made films but in a number of cases the things are right opposite.

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