Blue Skies and New Beginnings

It’s funny how a spring day can wake you up from what feels like an everlasting winter hibernation.

Too long a time has passed since I looked outside and wanted to get out in the fresh air, instead of hiding myself and the children indoors.

Today was the first time this year that stepping over the threshold with Little E snuggled up in her pram and Big E togged up and ready to go, seemed effortless. In fact, I absolutely couldn’t wait to get out!

I adore the arrival of Spring. The beautiful light, the green shoots & cherry blossom on the trees, and the feeling that everything is completely brand new. To me it feels more a new beginning than New Year’s Day. Spring makes me optimistic for the future and excited about adventures to come. Gone are the rain clouds in my mind and I am suddenly filled with hope.

Today we walked miles in the cool spring sunshine and listened to the birds tweeting their joyful springtime songs. We picnicked on sausage rolls, on a bench overlooking the huge valley below, played ‘I spy’, and we blew away those winter blues.

It’s time for blue skies and new beginnings, and I can’t tell you what a relief that is!

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