A Different Kind of Trip

With the next trip just days away, I find myself preparing in an entirely new way. This is the first business trip I’ve ever embarked on, one with a singular goal in mind instead of a vague notion of just wanting to experience life to the fullest and “see what’s out there.” This time, there’s a more serious agenda: to put Cody behind a bar in Las Vegas.

It’s not even my own job we’re looking for, which is even more strange for me. Having a freelance career and truly being able to work from anywhere (with an internet connection now and then, that is) is still new to me. In fact, we were realizing we must one of the very few working couples who can literally pick up and relocate from one part of the world to another in just two weeks. And the two weeks are only needed to give Cody’s current employer the standard notice of his leaving.

If the ultimate situation occurs, we’ll be informing Cody’s potential new employers that we can relocate to Las Vegas within two weeks. Lucky for us, we share a lease with a roommate, and as responsible as we are, we’ll pay rent in both locations as long as necessary to maintain all of our prior agreements. A small price to pay for the privilege of living in a more stimulating location and Cody commuting to a job he finds more fulfilling.

Whether “the move” happens within a month or not until this fall, as the deadline we’d already set for ourselves; when the time comes, all we’ll need is a little hitch for the car and we’ll load up our meager belongings: a mattress set, a small computer desk and chair, a treadmill, clothes, books, and all the old travel gear. That’s it. And three of those furniture items were my Christmas gifts just collected this winter. Las Vegas, here we come.

As the preparations for this trip continue, I’m helping with the online job search, making sure the resume’s updated, and gathering other tips and info. I can from fellow travelers for our business agenda. Vegas is a town where an applicant’s photo is practically required to help secure employment in the hospitality industry. Now, that’s an added criteria we can definitely fulfill.  

It’s so much more fun to use my business writing skills for a loved one’s benefit and not to meet the schedule or agenda set by my own employer. Thanks to a few contacts, we’ve located the job listing that Vegas locals refer to and we’re finding there’s no shortage of bartending work in town. Or maybe this is the right season before the mad rush of people that always come along with spring and summer sets in.

We’re trying to look at this upcoming trip as primarily a vacation, trying not to latch onto the expectation of finding work and the means to relocate right away. And we do need that vacation. We’re in dire need of a warmer climate (Las Vegas is 30 deg. F warmer than Indianapolis right now), our private space, flexible hours, a new environment, and more time to spend together. If we return to Indy with a job offer or even more familiarity with the city we’ll soon call home, all the more reason to celebrate.

One thing’s for sure: change is coming soon. What more could we ask for?

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